Middle grade writer and illustrator Jeanie Wogoman is going to be contributing regular posts to KidLit Network on the creative process of illustration, and we’re so excited to have her on board! Jeanie’s short  fiction has appeared in Pockets magazine. She is currently readying her first novel (with sample illustrations) for submission to literary agents and writing the first draft of her third.

As an illustrator, Jeanie has worked primarily in pen-and-ink, watercolor, and pencils (both color and plain old graphite). She recently discovered the blissfully forgiving nature of digital illustration and is delighted by the scratchboard-like effects she can so easily achieve. She looks forward to a future simplified with Photoshop and an Intuos 4 tablet.

Stay tuned to our “Illustrating” channel for tips from Jeanie on tools of the trade, interviews with established illustrators, art directors, and book designers, and hot topics such as what effect e-books are having on illustrations in children’s literature. You can also check out her personal blog, Drawing on my Imagination, or visit her online portfolio to check out her incredible work!