Welcome to the Craft Corner, where the scissors are sharp, good ‘ol Roy’s glue is piping hot, and the band aids are always flowing! Here’s where you’ll find all things crafty– most often, though not always–book or reading related. And always in ten steps or less! Grab a chair and get your craft on!


Ahhh, the composition book. Plenty of good and nerdworthy school memories associated with these cheap little notebooks. Good side? They haven’t changed a bit. Bad side? They haven’t changed a bit–still inexplicably ugly with the black/white marble covers. Never fear lovers of writing words in pretty notebooks. I’m going to show you how to fancy these bad boys up super quick and super easy!


Composition notebook (or any notebook other than spiral)

Scrap of fabric big enough to wrap around said notebook (something cottony with not too much stretch works best)

Glue–fabric glue or fabric modpodge (today, I’m breaking out Roy)

12″ ribbon, optional

Step One

Flip material so wrong side is facing up. Lay open composition book on top. If you want to add pockets, trim sides and top about one bigger, and leave about five inches on bottom. If you’re a rebel and like to keep your writing utensils either stuck in your hair or behind your ear, go ahead and leave that fabric one inch all the way around.

Step Two

 Break out the glue.

Ladies and gents, meet Roy. Normally I wouldn’t break out the hot glue gun to use with such a thin piece of fabric, but Roy and I had a little Halloween Hoopla disagreement (see picture below) that needed to be resolved. After all, Christmas is right around the corner and there’s no way I could survive without my trusty old sidekick.

See that big glob of dried glue? It holds the first three layers of skin from my fingers. Roy and I haven’t talked since . . .

Step Three

 Spread a line of glue straight across the top of the notebook’s inside cover. I like to take the edge and fold, then fold again (this will just give the inside fabric a cleaner look–no frayed edges left from where you cut). Holding the fabric taunt, wrap the top extra inch of fabric down over the cover and hold on the glue until set.

Step Four

Find some scissors and CAREFULLY make a small snip right at where the fabric meets the seam (where the paper and cardboard cover join).

Step Five

Now flip all the paper to the back of the notebook to work on the front. Repeat step four for front cover–remembering to keep fabric taunt by stretching it nice and snug before you glue it down! The small snip we made in step four should be closely lined up with the front cover when the paper is all flipped toward the back. When you’ve got both the top and sides done, you should have something that looks like the picture to the left. Fabric tacked down on top and sides, hanging loose at bottom.

Step Six

If you’re not making pockets, skip ahead to Step Seven. If you are craving some extra pencil, note, paperclip, pb&j (okay, not so much the pb&j), then you’re going to want to pull the loose fabric up from the bottom. With the paper still lying toward the front cover, cut the same type of small slit at the bottom of the fabric so it lines up with where the paper meets cardboard. Fold the top edge down once (to hide raw edge) then glue fabric down ONLY AT EDGE and SIDE. Flip paper to back cover and repeat with front side.

Step Seven

If you get that small snip lined up right, you won’t see anything but a nice edge on the top and bottom spine!

Step Eight

That’s it! You’ve taken the not so lovely composition book and turned it into something worthy or your words 🙂

Bonus Bookmark

If you happened to have some ribbon lying around, one little dab of glue will give you a pretty bookmarker.

Check out that badboy!! Woohoo!