It’s a commonly referred to group, The Big Six Five (two are merging next year), but who exactly are these publishing powerhouses? How do they play a role in Middle Grade fiction?

The Big Six

1. Simon and Schuster

2. Random House

3. Macmillian

4. HarperCollins

5. Hachette

6. The Penguin Group

Now beneath each of these houses are many imprints, such as Dell, St. Martins, or Avon, but most* imprints will  trace back to the big guys.

Simon and Schuster

Founded in New York city in 1924, S&S have brought us MG gems such as


Random House (merging with Penguin)

Founded in 1927 by two Americans, Random House was bought in 1998 by Bertelsmann, a German private media corporation. They’re blessed us with

Image ImageImage


Another German-owned company, Macmillian was founded in 1843. Their contribution to the MG world



The name comes from the merging of an American based company, Harper & Brothers, and the UK company William Collins, sons. Headquartered in The Big Apple, they’ve brought us these beauties



A French publisher founded in 1826 Hachette is responsible for


The Penguin Group (merging with Random House)

Penguin’s office sits in cheery-o London with divisions spread out in the US, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, and China (whew!). They’ve given the MG world


It’s easy to see why these companies have earned a spot in the Big Six Five! But they aren’t the only ones contributing to the MG world. **We’ll cover small and Indie presses in another post!