Welcome to the Craft Corner, where the scissors are sharp, good ‘ol Roy’s glue is piping hot, and the band aids are always flowing! Here’s where you’ll find all things crafty– most often, though not always–book or reading related. And always in ten steps or less!

Pull up a chair and get your craft on!


It’s Thanksgiving time! We’re preparing our stomachs for the great gorge, and hopefully our hearts for some serious gratitude. But there’s some who don’t share our love of turkey and dressing.

Namely, the turkeys.

Meet Gordy.

Gordy enjoys classic Rock and Roll, long walks in the field, and prefers a good book to a nap in the roasting pan. We’re going to give this little guy a cool hiding spot until the holiday festivities are over–or a Presidential Pardoning comes!





Printed off copy of Gordie pieces with the pieces

Cardstock/scrapbook paper

Pile of skittles, optional

Step One


    Cut out your pieces!

Step Two

Use the pattern pieces to cut out the shapes on your cardstock or scrapbook paper (If you don’t have any, you can always just color the pattern pieces to use!) Begin assembling your turkey by gluing the head to body.

Step Three

Go ahead and glue on those eyes, too. When it comes time to add the beak, ONLY GLUE TO VERY TOP! You want to make sure there’s    plenty of beak to hold onto those book pages!

Step Four

Finish by gluing on the lil gobbler’s feathers and VOILA! You’ve got yourself a turkrific (sorry. had to.) bookmark!

A perfect place to keep him hidden until after the Holidays!