Book Boat
Some of us are just born readers.

A Wrinkle in Time

I remember locking myself in our old toy closet and listening to The Rescuers Down Under on tape. I can still hear the lovely little chime that told you to turn the page. I was enthralled. Absorbed. So in love with that book that I hit rewind over and over until hours later my very upset mother discovered me and gave me a nice scolding. Turns out the headphones I was using did a great job of blocking out her calling my name and she’d become a bit frantic trying to find me.

By third grade I could have had a decent lawsuit against Pizza Hut. The amount of free personal pan pizzas I’d earned through our school’s reading program could have given my healthy nine-year-old self a heart attack. A Wrinkle In Time. The Secret Garden. The Witch of Blackbird Pond.

My love of books only grew, but the affair started with that one simple story. Of course many others have come along that have riveted me. Changed me. That’s the beauty of reading. You’re never too old to be moved if the tale is right, and I think every book lover has that one special book memory that started it all.

What book was it that pulled you in?

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