As if we weren’t all busy enough this time of year, December 14th was the deadline for submissions to the SCBWI‘s annual Tomie de Paola Illustration Award contest. The deadline has passed, but if you are an aspiring children’s book illustrator, you might consider submitting your work next year. Whether or not you win, it’s great exposure.

Exposure that I passed up on last year.

Last year’s challenge was to illustrate an excerpt from “Chicken Licken.” You know the one: “the sky is falling!” (You can see the winners here.) I didn’t connect well with the topic (my current interest is literature for older children) and was busy with family, end of fiscal year, and holiday stuff, so I found it easy not to participate.

The challenge this year was to illustrate a scene from Tom Sawyer, Little Women, or The Yearling in black and white. Since I want to illustrate middle grade novels, I thought I’d better put my work out there this year. This is my submission:

Jeanie Wogaman SCBWI Tomie de Paola entry

Click for a full screen view!

It’s a scene from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, rendered in Photoshop. That’s Mark Twain’s text on the right.

To see other entries, click over to the blog that SCBWI-Houston Illustrator Coordinator, Diandra Mae, set up at  A wide range of styles is on display, all in glorious grayscale.

The winners will be announced in January.