Geeks, Girls, and Secret Identities by Mike Jung


12-year-old Vincent Wu is the unofficial president of the “unofficial” Captain Stupendous Fan Club which consists of exactly three members . Unofficially, Vincent is a geek. Officially, Vincent is about to try to save the world! Of course, secretly crushing on the spunky Polly Winnicott-Lee can only make the job that much harder.

Vincent is assisted in his adventures by his friends (and fellow fan club members) George and Max who spend nearly as much time busting each other’s chops (and Vincent’s) as they do helping each other out. Clearly, the three of them are the best of friends.

Geeks, Girls and Secret Identities is a fantastic middle grade debut from author, Mike Jung, that’s packed with adventure and full of surprises. It’s a story about friendship, secrets (the good kind!), bravery and doing what’s right even when everyone says it’s time to give up and let the grown-ups take charge.

The voice of Vincent Wu really carries the story. It sets the tone from page one, preparing you to enter a world where “Stupendous Alerts” about the latest evil villain attack are commonplace, and where kids everywhere rush to the scene to cheer on Captain Stupendous (the reigning superhero in Copperplate City) as he Corkscrews, Whirligigs, and Meteor Strikes his way to victory! Captain Stupendous can not only fly, he has super strength, he’s impervious to all known attacks, and he’s always around when you need him. Well, almost always…

You’ll have to pick up a copy yourself to find out why.

You won’t be disappointed!


“A snappy, hilarious adventure set in a world I would love to live in. Clever, fun and full of surprises.” ~ Michael Buckley, author of NEEDS

“Jung’s novel is a hilarious twist on the classic superhero story! Giant robots, hidden lairs, middle-school crushes and uber-fanboys combine to make one stupendous debut!” ~ Matthew Cody, author of POWERLESS

“Fast-paced, suspenseful and downright hilarious. Mike Jung gets the details of the comics world exactly right. Readers will love the surprising twists and turns.” ~ H.N. Kowitt, author of THE LOSER LIST

“Wow! Superheroes, Supervillans, geeks on bikes, a stinky swamp, real friends, deep dark secrets, shattering windows, BIG decisions…and everything else that matters!!” ~ Kathleen Duey, author of SKIN HUNGER


Mike Jung

“Mike Jung is an active blogger, parent, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators member, and library professional. He lives in Oakland, California with his wife and two young children. This is his first novel.”