Welcome to our channel surf, where we highlight our favorite writing, publishing, and/or book-related posts of the week by middle grade authors! For some reason there were a lot of hearts floating around out there this week. I know, I know…I loooove Die Hard too! Can’t wait to see the fifth installment of John McClane’s saga. Anyway, hit the pause button for a sec and check this out…

Channel Surfing

Drawing Magazine Feature

by Jeanie Wogaman, KLN blogger and illustrator

Our very own Jeanie announced yesterday that one of her illustrations was published in the Winter 2013 issues of Drawing Magazine! Check out her post (and click on the image to make it big). I love it – the trees, the pulley system, the little folks, the bright red apples…so imaginative! Congrats, Jeanie!

The Crazy of Writing a Sequel

by Anna Staniszewski, author of the My Epic Fairy Tale Fail

Anna has a great post over on The Paper Wait about writing your first sequel – a crazy process, because suddenly you have readers! You know, aside from your dog. (Am I the only one who reads aloud to her dog?) Also, I feel the need to point out something momentous…this post marks the first time I’ve spelled Staniszewski correctly on the first try.

Theme Me Up: How to Develop Your Theme

by Janice Hardy, author of the Healing Wars trilogy

I think the thing I love most about this post was this: “And for you pantsers out there, theme might be the guiding light you’ll love.” Such amazing advice. I’m definitely an outliner, but I think when I start my next project, I’m going to begin with theme, and see where it takes me.

Middle Grade First Lines

by Matthew MacNish, MG author

In this post, Matthew takes a look at the first lines from five MG novels and breaks down what works for him, and what doesn’t. Bonus: he doesn’t tell you which books they’re from. Can you guess?

Stars in Your Eyes – a Giveaway!

by Tricia Springstubb, author of Mo Wren, Lost and Found

Over at From the Mixed-Up Files, you can enter to win a signed ARC of BETTER NATE THAN EVER, by Tim Federle! I finished reading this book last night, and you guys…you guys. My love for this book. It is boundless. (Pun intended.) (But seriously. Get this book.)

Cover Reveal: The Whatnot

by Stefan Bachmann, author of The Peculiar

Stefan Bachmann revealed the amazing, gorgeous, steampunkalicious cover to WHATNOT, the sequel to THE PECULIAR! And speaking of boundless love for books…yeah, I this one is filed squarely away in that drawer for me as well.

What’d I miss? Let me know if you caught any great middle grade posts this week!