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Every parent wants their kid to devour books. With a plethora of statistics backing up that readers tend to perform better in school, it’s a high priority for kids to read not only in the classroom, but at home as well.

But how does one raise a kid with an appetite for books in a world driven by flashy video games and the non-stop hustle and bustle of our fast-paced world?

Make It a Priority

Our child is only six, so bedtime stories are still part of the evening routine. But I hope to encourage the reading ritual by allowing a little extra time before bed should he want to read. And I certainly won’t yell if I catch him pulling the classic ‘reading by flashlight.’

Let Them Guide You To What They Want To Read

I’m not always fond of my son reading Captain Underpants books. It’s not like he needs anymore ammo in the potty humor jokes. (Though I fully enjoy them and laugh often.) But he loves them and they keep him engaged.

If you force a kid to read something that they aren’t interested in, they’ll only fight it. But allowing them to scour the shelves in search of something *they* want to read will keep them turning pages.

Bring On the Technology

Got a kid obsessed with an iPad or iPhone or iWhateverAppleComesOutWithNext? Download an ereader app and you’ll have an easy way to keep them amused, not to mention sneak in some reading time during long car rides or in the doctor’s office waiting room. From picture books through middle grade, young readers will find almost any book their hearts could desire to download.


Take the time to read what they read and talk about it. Nothing gets a kid more excited than talking about what they love. Make a game or do something creative that ties in with the books they’re reading to make a more lasting impression.

How do YOU keep youngsters reading?

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