If you’re reading this blog, chances are you kinda like to read. And you probably read a LOT as a kid. (Understatement? I figured.) So I’d love to know…what’s your favorite reading memory? Here’s mine…

The scene: Christmas morning


I walked into the living room, which looked much like Santa’s workshop might if it exploded. Tree, presents, so many presents, stacks of presents everywhere, no floor space, stockings absolutely stuffed, candy, PRESENTS!!!…

My sister and I went about our regular gift-opening rituals. For me, that meant starting with the stockings and examining each gift methodically. For her, it meant nothing less than total and complete wrapping paper carnage.

I sat on the couch and pulled a book out of my stocking (weird, right? But my parents always put more than just chocolate in stockings. When I was 13 I pulled out a phone for my room. Anyway.). It was a fairly small book, called Magic Locket. It even came with a locket – gold, heart-shaped.

Holy crap, I can’t believe I found a picture of it.

The story was about a girl who can’t do anything right. Her aunt gives her a magic locket that she is supposed to look inside when she needs self-confidence.

So naturally, I ignored the stacks of presents, opened the book, and started to read. What, wouldn’t you? It was short, I figured I could finish it in about 10 minutes. I was curious. Just what was in this magic locket? What made the locket magic? You might say I was hooked.

Then I glanced over on the other side of the couch and saw something very similar to this:

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God.

That was it. The. Gift. I don’t remember the brand, but it was a fully set up (thanks Dad) electric car racetrack. With loops. LOOPS!!!! That was without a doubt the present that I was searching for all those pre-Christmas nights spent under the tree, shaking and holding boxes up to the light, trying in vain to see through my mom’s sneaky double-wrapping job.

So what did I do? You know exactly what I did.

I kept reading.

I couldn’t help it – I’d already started the book! I had to find out what was inside that girl’s locket! I vividly remember my parents laughing – at this point my sister had torn through all her presents and was sorting through the ripped paper to see what the gifts actually were. I still hadn’t gotten past my stocking.

But that’s how I’ve always been with books – distractions be damned, once I’m into a story, it’s pretty hard to get out of it. So, despite my hands literally itching to get on those race cars, I stayed right there on the couch and finished. I discovered what was inside the locket. I opened my own locket and smiled. I put it on.

Then I played the hell out of some race cars.

What’s your favorite reading memory? I’d love to hear about it!

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