Welcome to our channel surf, where we highlight our favorite writing, publishing, and/or book-related posts of the week by middle grade authors! Hit the pause button for a sec and check this out…

MG Channel SurfHow to Set Tone and Mood in Your Scenes

by Janice Hardy, author of The Healing Wars Trilogy

The amazing thing about this post is that Janice breaks down in serious detail something that typically takes lots and lots and LOTS of writing practice to realize. It’s such a subtle thing – a tiny change in word choice or order that makes an enormous difference in the tone of your sentence. Bonus: try the writing challenge Janice poses at the end, and you could win a critique!

Voice: Defined

by Tracy Wymer, author of The Color of Bones

Voice (as it pertains to storytelling) is difficult to explain to anyone – and here, Tracy tells us how he explained it to a fourth grade class. Pretty darn impressive, especially considering what a subjective and almost ambiguous thing “voice” is.

The Most Useful Thing I’ve Learned (So Far) About Writing a Sequel

by Caroline Carlson, author of Magic Marks the Spot

If you’re writing a sequel, or thinking about writing a sequel, or have at some point in your life had the fleeting though “hmmm, one day I’d like to write a book and then write a sequel to it,” then go read this post immediately. Seriously, this isn’t your typical series advice. Caroline pinpoints something very specific – your main character’s emotional struggle – and offers an equally specific way for you to ensure that struggle is present in the sequel without  undoing the progress the character made in book one, and not just repeating the same struggle. Really really, go read it.

Elisabeth Dahl on Genie Wishes

by Cynthia Leitich Smith, author of Feral Nights

Great interview here with Elisabeth, author AND illustrator of the new middle grade book Genie Wishes (which looks so completely adorable that I think I’m going to have to buy it immediately).


by Kate Carpenter

Click that link. Seriously. Just look.

Cover Reveal: The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.!

by Greg Pincus, author of (this feels so redundant) The 14 Fibs of Gregory K.

I LOVE cover reveals and I LOVE this cover! And once you’ve ogled it, you should head over to Goodreads and add this bad boy to your to-read list!

What’d I miss? Let me know if you caught any great middle grade posts this week!